Buddy is exactly that...everyone's Buddy. Sweet and kind-hearted, he is a confident ride for the most timid. Buddy loves to show his riders around the Knapp Farm. Don't believe us? Just ask him, your guide will show you how he can talk!

Prince is aptly named - for he is at the top of the herd. His stately demeanor may be due to the fact that he still hears the applause of the crowd from his horse-racing days on the track. Now that he's retired, he is happy to keep a snail's pace on our tranquil trails
Bill is affectionately called "Sweet Bill" by our ranch assistant, who thinks he is the most handsome and gentlemanly horse in the corral. Of course, the rest of the herd have different ideas. They all think that about themselves.
Bandit is a "character," always looking for fun. Never without a sparkle in his eye, this quarter horse has "personality plus" and will keep you entertained as you ride through the woods and meadows of the Knapp Farm.
Knee High is a spirited Appaloosa who likes nothing better than to prance around and show off at the farm. Whether it is the "nuzzle of the muzzle" or a flick of his tail, this horse likes to give and receive the attention of all!
Skinny was named for a Wild West cowboy, who was mean and quick to the draw. Our Skinny dreams of stardom but he's just too darn nice to get the part! He may not get to Hollywood but he sure knows how to get around the Knapp Farm. that's better than California any day.
Max is one of our younger horses who certainly brightens our days! He likes to beg for attention and an extra snack. The only thing he enjoys more than our riders - is our riders' hats. Watch out!